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Sister-In-Law's Family Page
My husband has one sister.  She has three wonderful children who are all grown up and out on their own.  Above is my sister-in-law (left) visiting her daughter who was  in France  participating in an teaching exchange as part of her French Masters program.
Above left is my sister-in-law with her son, who lives in Colorado.  And, on the right above is my niece with her big brother.

Here are two great group shots of the kids as they got older.

My nephew works as a carpenter in Colorado while the girls are both in college.  The youngest girl  is in Chicago working on her Bachelors while the oldest is on a teaching exchange in France for her Masters program.
I love these artsy pics of the girls when they were little. 
Above is my nephew  in Mozambique, where he went with the Methodist Church to offer his help as a carpenter and builder.  During breaks he entertained the local children with his quitar.