Asmodeus . . .
Now you see the reason I'm known as Spider Lady and the source of my web name of SPYDRLDY.  Her name was Asmodeus and she was a Red Kneed Burrowing Tarantula from Mexico.  A really great pet (no walking, barking or shedding).
She didn't seem to mind being handled and never tried to bite.  I got her in 1975 from a pet store in New York City and cared for her until she died in 2002.  Yes, she lived with me 27 years and who knows how old she was when I got her.
Fun Facts:
She was so gentle when handled that when I lectured to students, I would often let them handle her (if they were brave enough to try).
Asmodeus' was a member of the Family - Theraphosidae; Genus -Euathlus; Species - Smithi
The study of spiders is called Arachnology.
When she died, I dry-mounted and  preserved her body.
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International Society for Arachnoloogy
Zip Code Zoo on Euathlus
-  Mice (live pinkies)
- Crickets
-  Grasshoppers
-  Beetles
-  Locusts
-  Burrowing
-  Web weaving

- Being wet

- Dirty tank

- Bright light

- Sudden movement

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'Nake . . .
Some people don't like spiders and some people don't like snakes but I love them both.  I started collecting spiders first back in the late 60s and graduated to snakes in the mid 70s.  When I got my Boa 'Nake she was ONLY 4 feet long.  My sister was just a little girl then and kept calling the snake 'Nake and the name stuck.  'Nake lived with me for a little under 20 years and grew to a hefty 9 feet.  As you can imagine she was quite the conversation piece.  Unfortunately, she suffered from problems with her lungs and finally died of pneumonia. 
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Nature Ca.
Fun Facts:
Zip Code Zoo on Boidae
'Nake was a member of the family Boidae, genus Boa.
Both spiders and snakes shed their skins to grow.
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Bandit . . .
While my Boa died some time ago, I still have Bandit, my Ball Python.  She about 11 years old now and I inherited her about 8 years ago from a young friend who left her with me while he went off to college.  He lost his interest in snakes as he grew older.  I don't mind because she's a lovely pet and I would miss her if I had to give her up at this point.
Bandit is a member of the family Pythonidae, genus Python, species Regius
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