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Dad's Family Page
Dad (far left back row) has a very large family and there are very few pictures of all the siblings together.  Although this is a great picture of most of the brothers and sisters together, the occasion that brought them together was the death of their father sometime around 1930. 
Here we are the whole family in the 80s with Dad and some of his siblings. 
One of Dad's brothers (above and center rear of B&W photo) passed away in in Puerto Rico in 2005.
Living in P.R. are two more of Dad's sisters.  The one below is the youngest of all the siblings and had not been born, so does not appear in the B&W photo above.
Dad's sister (above and 2nd from left, front row in B & W photo), lost her husband (below), a year after these pictures were taken in P.R. during a family reunion.
We were very fortunate to be able to join for a family reunion before we started losing members in 2005.
States-side we have one of the younger male siblings (above) and the eldest brother below left.  The eldest's wife (below right) passed in 2005.
I have one cousin and his son with whom I keep in touch but the rest of the family has drifted apart over the years.