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Big Brother is 5 years my senior.  Now living in Wyoming with his wife, he lived in California for many years and served as a fire marshall for that state. Now he manages his own consulting business regarding laws on fire safety codes.  To see more pics, click on his link.
Here's a picture of my big brother with his lovely daughter and wife.  Raising his family in California put us on opposite sides of the continent and made our few get togethers very special.  To see more pics of my niece, click on her link.
In addition to my sister, we have a younger brother.  He has a lovely wife and the sweetest daughter & son.
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My husband prides himself on being a curmudgeon. Our nieces and nephews thought his name was Uncle Bah Humbug until they were in their teens.
See his 60th B'day pictures by clicking on his picture above.

He eats, sleeps, dreams TRAINS.  When we were shopping for our home, the original owner thought he'd have trouble selling but Marty would have paid extra.  That's a picture of our backyard below and that corner window is our bedroom!
That's me in the upper right above with the three most important females in my life, top left my sister, lower right her daughter and lower left my mother.

My sister is as close as I ever came to having a child of my own.  Fourteen years my junior, sharing the same father but different mothers, I watched her grow and shared much of her childhood and teen years.  We're very close even today and I now have the pleasure of watching her raise her daughter.

When my sister and I used to introduce ourselves we'd say "Hi, I'm Nydia, she's Lydia" and then introduce any third party with us as "our other brother Darryl".  To see more pictures, click on their page link.

To see Mom's 85th Birthday pics, click on the link above.

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That's my Mom (age 18) and Dad (age 25), a year before they got married.  To see more pics from their past click on their page llinks.
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Mom says that when asked what he wanted for Christmas or his birthday, my brother would always say "a little sister.  Check out my baby pictures at this link.
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You can learn about the original railroad to run the tracks behind our house by clicking on the logo below.
Mom's 85th B'day