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Four Generations - The family saw a baby boom in 2004 with the first great grandchild.  Picture shows from left to right: Great-grandpa, Grandpa, Baby and New Dad.  To see more of this branch of the family, select the link below.
Christmas 2005 brought Grandpa, who now lives down South, to share the holidays up north with the local grandkids. 
Family Pictures - My husband is the eldest son of five children and his family gathers together whenever they can to pose for a family picture.  The picture on the left was a studio photo taken in the 80s, while the one on the right was taken in front of the homestead in the 90s.  The house is now owned by the youngest son and his family but we all invade whenever out-of-town family return for occasions like reunions, graduations and weddings.  We always take the same positions on the porch and try to capture the same look of the first picture (leaving empty spaces for missing family members). 
Youngest daughter of my husband's sister, this niece was away at college, so missed the Christmas grandkids pix.  Boy, does seeing her clothes and room bring back my college days?  Memories are made of this. 
To see more of this side of the family, click on the link below.
Married to the youngest brother, to the right is my proud sister-in-law with her college kid (the taller one). 
To see more on this side of the family, click on the link below.
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On the left is my lovely niece who passed away shortly after this picture was taken.  She suffered from a rare form of Distrophy and was always very fragile.
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