All work and no play?  Not with this graduating class.  The students were ready to begin celebrating, with bottles of champagne passed around after the speeches and distribution of diplomas.
MAED -Masters of Education
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Like the little engine that could, I finally completed my Masters degree 35 years after getting my Associate of Arts.  To say it was one of the proudest moments of my life would be an understatement.

I should be the poster girl for life-long learning.  I never gave up taking courses at night and on weekends to finish my Bachelors degree and completed my Masters online through University of Phoenix.
Taking courses online gave me an opportunity to work with students across the globe and we finally got to meet in Phoenix for graduation.  Shown below is my classmate Norma from Venezuela. 
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With me above are some of the U.S. based classmates I finally met at graduation.  Left is Chris and on the right are Jeff and Jennifer.  After years of sharing classes in the virtual classroom, it was so much fun to seek each other out in Phoenix. 
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