My Sis & Niece's Page
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I'm Nydia, she's Lydia and that's no joke!

Same father, different mothers and 14 years apart in age, yet we couldn't love each other more or be any closer. We share our love of scuba diving and had a ball diving at Lauderdale by the Sea and swimming with the manatees in Crystal River, Fl.
Lydia's daughter is the apple of my eye and even looks a little like me don't you think?
These are some of her faces from Clown School.
My niece has ideas of her own on what she likes to do.  Below she shows off her bronze medal in cheerleading. 
Above a rare moment when we got together with our big brother.
To the left, a 2005 family picture showing my husband top left, a cousin top right, me and my sister center and Mom & my niece lower left and right.
Link to Tribute for Sis