Mom's Childhood Thread
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Mom was born in Guantanamo, Cuba where her father was working as a carpenter on the US base.  The third of four children, her Mother died in childbirth when Mom was only 3.  So her father could continue working, the four children were separated.  The oldest boy went to PR, the second boy was raised in an convent in Cuba, while the youngest girl was raised by her Grandmother in P.R. and Mom stayed with her father's sister.  Mom travelled back and forth by steamer with her aunt to visit her father in the Dominican Republic and her aunt's children in New York.  Then, at age 7 when her aunt died Mom went to NY and took turns living between her aunt's children's families and was raised with their children, her cousins.
To the right is a picture of Mom (far left) with her sister (standing 2nd from right) and some family friends.  Interesting to note the girls halter tops and slacks back in the late 1930s. And look at that great car in the background.  Any idea what it is???
Here's another great shot - - Mom (center), her sister (left) and a girlfriend in their Easter best in the early 40s.  Great car!  Anyone know what it is???
These are Mom's parents, my grandparents.  On the left is Mom's mother with Mom's oldest brother.  And, on the right is her father who's parents came to Puerto Rico from Spain.  Love that mustache.
Left is a picture of Mom when she arrived in NYC at age 7, 1929, with one of the cousins she was raised with.  She says she hated how cold it was and having to bundle up.

Taken a year later in the summer, the picture at right shows her with her other cousin.
I love these pictures, not just because they show Mom growing up but the great backgrounds of NY in the 20s, 30s & 40s and the great old cars.
Occasionally, they would take Mom back to Puerto Rico to visit with her younger sister.  Below are pictures taken during two of those visits.
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