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Another passion, somewhat related to my passion for dressing up at Halloween, is dressing up for the annual Renaissance Festival. 

I try to get to the festival every year and have only missed one or two in the past 30 years.  Throughout those years I've put together a variety of costumes.  The highlight of my current costume on the left has got to be the hat. The feathers are so soft and the colors match the costume so perfectly you'd think it had been made to order.
I am blessed with several loving nieces who share my love of dressing up and attending the Renaissance Festival.  At left the girls take time to pose for their aunt.  Now that the older girls are off at college, my youngest neice still joins me at the faire.  Above you can see how great she looks wearing one of my older costumes. We had a wonderful time shopping at the various vendor booths and watching the performances.
In addition to the fun of dressing up and making believe we are in another age, we enjoy checking out other costumes like the man at the right and talented performers like the stilts walker at the left.
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Neat Renaissance Festival Links:
N.Y. Renassance Faire
Florida Renaissance Festival
While most of my Renaissance Faire visits have  been in New York State, several years ago I attended the California Renaissance Festival with my brother and his daughter.  Each faire has it's own flavor and depending on the level of participation, it can feel like stepping backwards in time.
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