Couldn't ask for a better boss, mentor and friend then I havel.  Always providing challenges and encouragement, she gave me the push I needed to rise above my expectations in career and education.  Now, working from home, I continue to enjoy her mentorship.
I enjoyed a fabulous catered retirement celebration in the main conference room of our main office on Wall St. Former staff members, who retired earlier, came back to share the party.  

Even senior management was represented below.. 
I'll miss sharing an office with my administrative assistant.  We became great friends and I always enjoyed hearing stories about her daughter's (below) adventures as she grew. 
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After 28 years service with the same company, I decided to retire.  Primarily I wanted to end the long commutes between tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) locations and find work closer to home.  Little did I expect that after retirment I'd end up working part time for the same company but now from home.  How lucky is that!
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Above and below are some of my coworkers who helped me celebrate. 
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