This is without a doubt my passion.  I would rather be diving then doing anything else.  My scuba buddies tease that if I see a puddle in the street I want to dive it.  Although I started diving late in life (over 40), I quickly made up for lost time.  Combining my passion for travel with scuba I've been fortunate to participate in cold water diving in New York lakes, wrecks off the New Jersey coastline, and around the pacific Hawaiian and Galapagos islands.  My warm water diving includes atlantic and caribean Florida, Cancun, Curacao, Bahamas, Cayman, Bermuda, Roatan and Costa Rica.
My niece was introduced to snorkeling at an early age, watching her Mom and me scuba diving in the springs around the Crystal River area of Florida.  We took her to see the Manatees and she joined us in the water when the Manatees surfaced to join us swimming close to the boat.
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Sometimes more comfortable in the water than on land, I much prefer "live aboard" dive vacations than land-based trips.  Keeping my camera ready at all times during my dives, I've been fortunate to capture some beautiful underwater landscapes and creatures like the gentle Manatee and the sneaky shark above. 

Captured in my camera to the left are from top right:  Moorish Idol in Hawaii, bottom left and right: Lobster and Spotted Moray in the Bahamas
Scuba Tip:
When asked for scuba tips I always point out that scuba is an extremely equipment intensive and dangerous sport.  Scuba certification and periodic refreshers are a must.  Although it can be very expensive,  having one's own equipment adds many safety benefits.  Tracking your own equipment maintenance and becoming so familiar with your set up that you don't have to search for components, allows you to  concentrate on your dive and not your equipment.
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My Top 10 Diving Experiences:
1.  Cave Diving - Dos Ojos, Mexico
2.  Drift Diving - Cozumel, Mexico
3.  Wreck Diving - Cayman and Curacao
4.  Deep Diving - Bahamas (180 ft)
5.  Night Diving - Lake George, New York
6.  Peligics Diving - Galapagos Islands
7.  Colorful Fish Diving - Hawaiian Islands
8.  Lobster Diving - Rhode Island
9.  Treasure Diving - Delaware River, NY/NJ
10  Limited Viz Diving - Naples, Florida

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