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Another one of my passions was Taekwondo.  My sister-in-law shares this passion and we  studied the art for about 5 years.  We had the great honor of visiting Korea and participating in a workshop for Taekwondo families around the world when the sport was finally accepted into the Olympics.  Above is a posed picture in front of one of the temples of our Team with Grand Master Richard Chung in the center.  I'm the 4th one back on the left.  I had to drop out of the sport just after receiving my high brown belt and have surgery to repair a torn tibial tendon, which I incurred peforming a jump spinning hook kick.
Above is an official picture of the team taken on the final day of our trip after the awards ceremonies.  The 2nd man from the left in the front row is our instructor and there's my Mom, the 2nd from the right in front.  She loved the whole experience and was our team mascot.  There she is again below on the right with our guides when we went sightseeing.  On the left is one of the Korean women dressed in traditional costume at one of the exhibits on our sightseeing tour.  The Korean people were very warm and treated Mom with great respect and affection.  The only thing she didn't like was the Kimshee.